Eleh | Nana April Jun - Observations & Momentum

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LP Vinyl only - not available for digital download
Limited edition of 1000

Artwork & Photography: Jon Wozencroft
Cut by Jason at Transition

Track listing:
Side 1: Eleh - Slow Fade for Hard Sync 21'35"
Side 2: Nana April Jun - Sun Wind Darkness Eye 12'45"

“Sun Wind Darkness Eye” is taken from the Nana April Jun album The Ontology of Noise
[Touch # Tone 37, 2009]

About 18 months ago, we were advised of some interesting activity online concerning the nom de bruit of Swedish artist Christofer Lämgren, Nana April Jun; we didn’t know it at the time, because the authorship was something of a mystery. We produced a CD together, The Ontology of Noise in Feb 2009 [Touch # Tone 37], in which one track, particularly, stood out as being perfect for a vinyl edition.

In the same timeframe, the series of releases by Eleh on Important Records attracted our attention. These homages to La Monte Young, Pauline Oliveros and Charlemagne Palestine, vinyl-only limited editions stunned us with their acuity and passion for detail... There was something other in the sound. Eleh, also, is an artist who prefers the work to speak for itself, and has other ideas about noise. The digital is questioned by a commitment to a working practice based around analogue tone-generators and letterpress printed covers. The Important Records/Taiga releases are now sought after with a passion by anyone who recognises something truly special occuring. On this new record, Eleh develops the waveforms that the Important Records series started.

The split vinyl format is a great meeting point for this idea of digital persona and analogue privacy. The effect, we hope, is for the vinyl to represent a digital question... That this LP summons up a universal sound and an intimate sphere of operations... Which is of course a continuing dilemma. Here is a great opportunity to hear Eleh and Nana April Jun at their finest.


Boomkat (UK):

*Another hugely inspired transmission from the Touch camp, pressed up on limited vinyl edition and featuring a side of deep, reduced low-end meditations from the hugely collectable Eleh, and an absolutely mindblowing side of audio from Nana April Jun on the flip that builds into a towering crescendo of noise and static before mutating into a Mika Vainio/technoid chug - one of those quietly EPIC tracks that will just floor anyone who comes into contact with it.* The peerless Touch label presents a wondrous split LP featuring two of drone/ambient music's most intensely focussed practitioners. Over a series of records for the Important imprint, Eleh has become widely noted for his purified drone work, heavily inspired by minimalists like La Monte Young and Terry Riley, but specifically concentrated on the mind-quaking frequencies of the ultra low-end of the audio spectrum. Nana April Jun, aka Christopher Lämgren, made his debut on the Touch imprint earlier this year with two engrossing LPs of cerebral frequency alchemy. 'Sun Wind Darkness Eye' is taken from his 'Ontology Of Noise' album, a full side of mindblowing noise storms crafted with an ultra subtle and organic quality to place the listener in the centre of a monolithic pressure system of textures building to a pulsing 4/4 techno climax, reminding of a typical Russell Haswell DJ set mixing Burzum and Mika Vainio. On the other hand Eleh put all their emphasis in the bottom-end of the frequency register, coming with a gentle reminder that "Volume Reveals Detail", much like Sunn 0)))'s "Maximum Volume Yields Maximum Results" mandate, inviting the listener to immerse themselves in the purity of controlled sinewave manipulation and sublimely claustrophobic bass tones. If Vainio, O'Malley, Deathprod or Pauline Oliveros are on your wavelength, you'll find this a mindblowing experience. Do not miss.

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Eleh | Nana April Jun - Observations & Momentum

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Track 1:  Slow Fade for Hard Sync (extract)

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