Johann Johannsson - Englaborn

Gatefold vinyl edition on 520 gram reverse board Artwork & Design by Jon Wozencroft Originally released on CD by Touch in 2002


Side One 1. Odi Et Amo (3:10) 2. Englabörn (1:34) 3. Jói & Karen (3:24) 4. Þetta Gerist Á Bestu Bæjum (1:02) 5. Sálfræðingur (3:49) 6. "Ég Sleppi Þér Aldrei" (2:57) 7. Sálfræðingur Deyr (3:40) 8. Bað (3:07)

Side Two 9. "Ég Heyrði Allt Án Þess Að Hlusta" (2:05) 10. Karen Býr Til Engil (3:45) 11. Englabörn - Tilbrigði (1:24) 12. "Ég Átti Erfiða Æsku" (3:41) 13. Krókódíll (2:45) 14. "Ef Ég Hefði Aldrei..." (3:42) 15. …eins og venjulegt fólk (3:51) 16. Odi Et Amo - Bis (4:00)

Cut by Jason at Transition

Aquarius (USA):

This AQ favorite, finally available on vinyl!

Founding member of the Kitchen Motors arts organization in Reykjavik, Johann Johannsson has been at the forefront of adventurous music in Iceland, performing with the Apparat Organ Ensemble and working with some of the more acclaimed Icelandic exports (i.e. members of Sigur Ros, Mum, Stilluppsteypa, Halfer Trio, etc.). Englaborn is the first album for Johannsson, who reconstructed this album from the score he wrote for the stage play by Havar Sigurjonsson. Johannsson stated that "The play is extremely violent and disturbing; and basically, when faced with the script, I decided to work against it as much as possible and just try to write the most beautiful music I could." While we do not have the benefit of witnessing the play itself or any images for that matter (beautiful Jon Wozencroft photographs of the sea grace the cover of this album), Johannsson invokes a profound sadness through his descending chord progressions for the Epos Spring Quartet which he augments with Spartan use of percussion, electronics, piano, computerized voices, and harmonium. Where Sigur Ros has crafted grandiose operas of Icelandic melancholia, Johann Johannsson simplifies his scores into poignant short stories that nevertheless resonate with those emotions.

The Wire wrote: "typifies Johannsson's score with its precise use of metaphor, its exceptional balance (digital/analogue, harsh/soft, violent/tender etc.) and its expressive leitmotifs that unveil a profound sadness without ever wallowing in pathos."

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Johann Johannsson - Englaborn

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